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10 Things Women With Low Maintenance Fashion Sense Will Understand

10 Things Women With Low Maintenance Fashion Sense Will Understand

10 Things Women With Low Maintenance Fashion Sense Will Understand

Social media is full of images of women who appear to be pretty high-maintenance. It takes a lot of time to look like that - or at least a lot of time working on the photo post-production! But not every woman fits this bill. For many, low maintenance is the way to go because it’s just a lot more straightforward. Here are some of the things low-maintenance women will know all about.

1. Hair

Hair is easy. Wash it regularly, and if you like, blow dry it. If you don’t have the time or inclination, leave it to air dry. It doesn’t matter if it’s wavy or poker straight because chances are you’ll only wear it up in a pony tail, or down. Maybe you'll wear a bun if you didn’t get around to washing it. Your instructions to your hair stylist are always to keep it simple. You don’t have time to style your hair every day, and hair accessories are there for days when you have to make an effort.

2. What’s wrong with jeans and a T-shirt?

Simple and timeless, the jeans and T-shirt combo makes getting ready very easy. Most of your day-to-day outfits will fit this category, and if you’re going out, a pair of "nice" jeans, a pretty T-shirt and a cool jacket will usually work. T-shirts are a great way to show personality or add a color pop, like this Mixican ladies T-shirt.

Mixican ladies T-shirt

3. Shoes

You might have a few pairs of shoes, but that doesn’t mean you’ll wear them! Chances are, if you wear one pair of shoes or sneakers with most of your clothes, you have low-maintenance fashion sense. The injustice of being expected to wear "proper" shoes with a suit when you see men wearing a much comfier alternative with theirs bothers you a lot.

4. Heels

Nevertheless, it is nice to dress up and dig out some heels occasionally. You feel taller when you put them on, you like the shape of your legs, and you might even think about wearing heels more often - until you get to the event, realize how much your feet hurt, and wonder if anyone will notice if you take them off under the table at dinner. You might even mention how uncomfortable your shoes are once or twice.

5. Sundresses

Who doesn’t love a sundress, the ultimate in low-maintenance style? They always manage to look like you’ve made a lot more effort than you have, which is perfect for a time-stressed, low-maintenance woman. This Front Button Slit Rib Cami Midi Dress gives you instant elegance and a splash of summer color with minimal effort. Slip it on and you’re ready to go, and it's even quicker than your favorite jeans-and-t-shirt combo.

Front Button Slit Rib Cami Midi Dress

6. Your closet

If you make a distinction at all in your closet, there will be a front section and a back section. Instead of being reserved for seasonal clothes, the back of the closet is where the “nice” clothes live, saving them for a special occasion so they don’t get ruined.

7. Workout wear works

You like to stay healthy and active, and often that’s just the excuse you need to wear your workout clothes every day. Who wouldn’t want to live in yoga pants all the time?! These Yoshilady Green Yoga Leggings are pretty convincing.

Yoshilady Green Yoga Leggings

8. Work wear does not work

Seeing “business professional” doesn’t scare you any more, and you have found that some of your existing clothes might even pass. However, when you first had a job where that was the dress code, it broke you out in a cold sweat, and you’re still on the casual side in the office.


Makeup is kind of daunting. You might wear the minimum because you can see the difference and add a pink lipstick for going out, but all these video clips of how to completely change your face shape with contouring are just too much. Sometimes wearing glasses is easier, even when you have contacts, because they mean you don’t need to worry as much about eye makeup.

10. Makeover days with friends

Occasionally you let you persistent friends dress you up and do your hair and makeup. They love it, and secretly, so do you. You like the makeover, everyone tells you how great you look, and you decide you should try to dress that way more often. But then life gets in the way again, the next day happens, and jeans and a t-shirt are just so comfortable!