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9 Killer Makeup Tips For The Work Christmas Party

9 Killer Makeup Tips For The Work Christmas Party

9 Killer Makeup Tips For The Work Christmas Party

We love Thanksgiving, but we will also admit to being just a little bit excited once it’s out of the way and we can focus fully on Christmas and the rest of the festive (party!) season. The lights, the decorations, the laughter - it’s a truly magical time of year. The holiday season means parties and family gatherings. Read on for some top makeup tips for the work Christmas party.

Preparation Is Essential

If you want your makeup to have staying power, start by being kind to your skin. Wash your face and neck thoroughly with a gentle cleanser matched to your skin type. Follow with a toner to remove any stubborn makeup or bacteria, and then finish with a moisturizer.

Prime Position

Prime Position

Use a primer to give your skin and makeup the best possible start. The primer helps reduce the appearance of redness or blemishes and helps makeup to remain even. It gives makeup staying power and gives your face a gorgeous, natural-looking glow.

All About That Base

The festive season is about sleepless nights, and that can really start to take its toll on your skin. Get your base right, and no one will ever know! Start with a concealer that’s a shade or two lighter than your skin and cover up dark circles or shadows around your eyes. Then, go over your whole face with a good foundation in a tone to match your skin. How to apply it depends on how much coverage you’re after; apply foundation with your fingers if you just need a light cover. After a really hard night and those days when you just need some extra coverage, opt for a sponge to apply the foundation.

Made You Blush

When it’s done right, a bit of blush gives your face a natural, healthy look. Find the right shade for your skin tone and brush lightly over the apples of your cheeks. Choose pink if you have very fair skin, and use more plum-colored shades for darker skin. Take a peachy shade along your cheekbone to add some definition and contouring, and finish with a large round brush to dust a little beige or brown over your apples and cheekbones.

Give Them A Look

If ever there was a time to go big with your eye makeup, it’s the Christmas party! Whatever your regular eye makeup style is, you can up your game for the Christmas party. If you normally would only wear a quick slick of mascara, maybe add some eyeliner. And if you often wear eye makeup anyway, try another color or go really bold with a shimmery, '80s-inspired luminous shadow.

This look - where it’s all about the eyes - also works well when you can’t see much of the rest of your face. If there’s a chance you’ll need to wear a mask to your Christmas party, make a statement with it and try a gorgeous Sequined Face Mask in a color that suits your outfit.

Sequined Face Mask

Party Lips

Prep your lips with a slick of primer. Steer clear of your safe work lipstick and go wild for the Christmas party! Red is a real party color and one often associated with Christmas, and there is a shade for everyone. From a bright Santa red to a deep berry red or even a fuchsia pink, give yourself an instant party vibe with a different shade for you.

Dust Off

Finish off your party face by setting it with translucent powder. Dust lightly over your forehead, nose and chin with a flat brush or powder puff. Try to do this before your foundation has a chance to dry, and you’ll have a beautiful face that is ready to party all night.

Nail It

Your nails are a great way to show off some party spirit, and just like your lips, you shouldn't be shy about choosing a bold color or finish for party nails. A glitter polish is always a good option for a party!

Hair-Raising Finish

This is perhaps not strictly a makeup tip, but it is related to a key to your party look: don’t forget your hair. If you’ve spent a long time perfecting your makeup, choose a gorgeous updo that will keep your hair off your face and allow your makeup to be seen. This clever Clip-On Pony is the easiest way to keep your hair looking great all night, and it’s ready in seconds!

Clip-On Pony

There are our top makeup tips for the work Christmas party. However you decide to look, don’t forget to enjoy yourself!