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Celebrity Fashion Styles To Avoid

Celebrity Fashion Styles To Avoid

Celebrity Fashion Styles To Avoid

When award season rolls into town, it’s so easy to get completely obsessed with who wore what and how they looked. We are fascinated all year-round by celebrity style, but when it comes to the big events of the entertainment industries, like the Grammys and the Oscars, we can’t wait to see the big wins and the fashion disasters.

There are always obvious trends, whether that comes in the shape of the dresses or the color everyone seems to be wearing. For example, there was a lot of purple at the Biden inauguration ceremony.

Every year - and, in fact, every season - we see new trends hitting the market spearheaded by celebrities who invariably wear it first. We want to emulate them and we take inspiration from them, but just because they’re famous doesn’t mean they always get it right. There are lots of trends we don’t need to keep up with any longer. Designers are behind it all, and they tell us what’s going to be hot and how to avoid getting it wrong so you’re not.

Here are some of the key trends to be ditching for the coming months.

1. Working-from-home "chic"

If there is a trend that says “2020”, it’s the loungewear we all wore when we were working from home. No self-respecting celebrity missed the opportunity to post a snap to Instagram showing themselves looking “comfortable” for a Zoom call. This year, that bubble has burst and we are all over sharing our loungewear with the world. We have some gorgeous workout clothes, like these Yoshilady Electric Leggings, but save them for the gym this year - not your video call.

Yoshilady Electric Leggings

2. Big sleeves

You’ll have seen big puffy sleeves done well, and you’ll have seen them go badly wrong. Let your personality announce your presence, not your sleeves. Dresses this year are much sleeker, like our Off The Shoulder Bandage Dress in bold red. It’s a much more stylish silhouette, and that’s what this year is all about.

Off The Shoulder Bandage Dress

3. Head-to-Toe Neon

We all love brights, but it is possible to have too much of a good thing. This year, the only time when double neon is okay is when you're in the gym. Make the neon stand out by contrasting a bright neon orange or pink with a classic neutral like black or navy. Stick with the sleek silhouette idea and try our Front Slit Pink Bengaline Midi Skirt with a black top that can be dressed up or down to suit the occasion.

Front Slit Pink Bengaline Midi Skirt

4. Over-the-top wedding dresses

Finally, avoid the temptation to go big with your wedding dress if you’re getting hitched this year. Sure, you’re probably excited that your wedding is taking place after everything that happened in 2020, but that’s no excuse. The wedding itself is likely to be pared down, so make sure your bridalwear follows suit.

We had a year of comfort last year, so this year, there are very few elasticated waists. Rounded toes are also out, replaced by square toes. Celebrities are getting these very wrong, in part because big square toes are just not very beautiful. There are lots of easy updates you can make by treating yourself to a new bag that gives you an easy refresh. A neon bag might be just the ticket - it adds a splash of color to this year’s more sophisticated look while also giving a nod to the neon trend that continues. Just don’t overdo the neon. The bag can be any size, from a cute clutch purse to a much larger tote. Bodycon styles continue to be popular and animal print is still around, so a few simple updates might be all you need to take your wardrobe from 2020 right into 2021.

Adding to the sophistication of your wardrobe, consider digging out your trench coat. They never go out of fashion, so we might ask you why you ever put it away! If you want an update, try a double-breasted option. You’ll get your money’s worth because you can wear it anywhere and with anything, from jeans and sneakers to that cute knitted dress you’ve had your eye on.

Of course, you probably have the distinct advantage of not having paparazzi following your every move and dissecting each item of clothing you wear, so you can experiment without the risk of being openly ridiculed in public. Get it right, however, and your look might be the very thing to elevate you!