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Finding the Perfect Color Palette for You

Finding the Perfect Color Palette for You

Finding the Perfect Color Palette for You

Did you know that there is a school of thought that believes that just by choosing a particular clothing color to suit your skin tone, eye and hair color, your clothes will look so much better on you, complement your skin tone and give you an all-over coordinated appearance? For the record, we think we should all be able to wear our favorite colors, but just for fun, we thought you might like to take a look at these seasonal descriptions to see what clothing colors could flatter you and bring out your best features.

The History of Color Matching

Way back in the '80s, it became very fashionable to have your colors done. What do we mean by this? You could hire an expert color-tone advisor to help you discover your best colors to wear according to your individual coloring. You would be given a chart most suitable for your skin tone, eye and hair color. This would make going shopping easier and creating a matching wardrobe simple because once your clothes are in a range of similar complementary colors, they instantly go well with each other, creating room for more mix-and-match outfits! If you are interested in this system, it is definitely worth having a professional assess you as it can be tricky to identify the right tones yourself.

Color charts are divided up into seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. Why not try to identify your individual season yourself by following our short and easy guide?


Does your skin have a warm undertone and is your hair light with golden or strawberry highlights? You will probably have blue, hazel, amber or even light brown eyes that often feature a sunburst of golden radiance from the iris. Your best clothes colors will have warm undertones that typify those first flowers of spring bathed in sunshine, such as soft peaches, pinks, violets, light sandy beiges, cocoa brown, or yellow like this Sleeveless V-Neck Maxi Dress. Try to avoid pure white or black as they look harsh against the soft spring tones of your skin. If you need to wear a formal outfit, cocoa brown would be perfect for you instead of overpowering black. 

Sleeveless V-Neck Maxi Dress


Is your skin fair with a cool undertone, or does it have an ash tone beneath a darker skin color? Does your hair also have some ash undertones and are your eyes blue or green? You may see a soft rim surrounding your pupil where it meets the white of your eyes, instead of the darker rims seen in eyes of those in other seasons. Fabric colors in this range will be soft and romantic, inspired by a summer’s day, in shades of raspberry, violet, gray, navy blues and soft blues, such as this Floral Ruffle Maxi Dress. For the office, try navy blue or charcoal instead of black.

Floral Ruffle Maxi Dress


Does your skin have a warm undertone of ivory, olive or golden brown? Is your hair dark or dark blonde with a bronze undertone, with hazel, light brown or brown eyes? If so, your clothes should be in a range of colors that mirror fall, including honey beige, terracotta, khaki, golds, olive greens and soft browns, like this Jogger Jumpsuit. Look for formal wear in dark cocoa, and avoid wearing black or pure white. Your blouses should be in shades of creamy white with yellow undertones to bring out the golden undertones in your complexion, hair and eyes.

Jogger Jumpsuit


Those with winter skin have a cool undertone to their palette, with bright, clear eyes in shades of green or blue with a dark rim, or brown eyes in darkening shades with darker rims around the iris, medium-dark hair or even black hair with an ash or hint of blue undertone. You will suit bright shades that are clear with cool undertones. This means no creams, olives or soft summer shades, but you will look absolutely stunning in black, navy blues or dark charcoals, with accessories in bright, clear jewel colors.

There is still a lot of interest around matching color shades to your skin, hair and eye color. You may even find as you look at your wardrobe that your favorite clothes are already in colors that naturally complement your skin, hair and eye colors and you have instinctively chosen them. But if you are interested in looking further into color matching, there are color advisors who can help you. Whatever clothes you wear, just try to have fun with them and wear what ultimately makes you happy.