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Five summer wardrobe essentials

Five summer wardrobe essentials

Five summer wardrobe essentials

With summer practically in touching distance, now is the time to start thinking about your wardrobe staples for the warmer months.

In winter, layering up in various snuggly sweaters, comfy scarves and padded coats is a great way to hide a multitude of sins. But summer is a time to put your style on show, with nowhere to hide.

Summer Clothes

A capsule wardrobe is a great idea for the summer and indeed all year round. The idea of a capsule wardrobe is that it is made up of a select few pieces that can be interchanged and worn over and over in different styles and for different purposes. Make sure you get your capsule wardrobe right this year with these five staple pieces that will see you through many summers to come.

A floral maxi dress

A colorful, floral maxi dress is the perfect way to welcome in the summer. Those floral prints are timeless and always signify that summer is here. But the best thing about a maxi dress is the sheer simplicity of it. No more worrying about coordinating bottom and top halves - this is a one-hit wonder that will never let you down. The beauty of a maxi dress is that it is just so effortlessly stylish. Its gentle drape and gorgeous swish will easily transcend from day to evening. It would even be passable for a summer wedding when paired with the right accessories. Invest in a great-quality one, and it'll be a dress that will see you through many summers without ever going out of fashion.

The white stuff

White is another great color for the warmer months. It reflects light, which keeps you naturally cool. This is probably why it has become a style that is synonymous with the sun. Look around at Mediterranean countries, and you will see white buildings everywhere. Reflect that vibe in your wardrobe, whether you favor a pretty cami, a jersey tee, or a strappy sundress. White is your friend this summer - as long as you can keep it clean! White cotton is the ultimate cooling fabric because not only does it reflect light, but the natural fibers of cotton will allow the skin to breathe, thereby promoting good air flow around the body and reducing static and sticking. A White Fleece Pullover is perfect for when the evenings get cooler too.

White Fleece Pullover

Denim shorts

White and denim are summer besties, so you will also need a good pair of denim shorts to see you through the summer. Denim shorts really are timeless and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. High-waisted, rock-and-roll hot pants, knee-length, mom-style and pinstripe are just a handful of the designs on offer. Pick the style that best suits your body shape and run with it. Keep in mind that denim comes in a variety of colors and styles - some of the most attractive options include black, white, stonewash blue, ripped, and embroidered. Be sure to take all of this into account when picking your summer staples.

Oversized accessories

The perks of oversized accessories are plentiful. Not only do they leave you looking like a Hollywood star, but they offer valuable protection from the elements in the warmer months. As the intensity of the sun increases, our eyes need protection from UV rays - cue an oversized pair of sunglasses. Whether you favor Ray Bans, Aviators, cats' eyes or something totally different, a pair of oversized shades will add to the glamour and shield from the sun, and even compliment swimwear, such as this Camouflage Bikini Top. The same applies to wide-brimmed sun hats. These stylish accessories don't just look fabulous; they can make your summer far more enjoyable with the knowledge that you are protecting yourself from the sun's harmful rays and other potential irritants, such as sand and pollen.

Camouflage Bikini Top

Super sandals

Summer is a great time to allow your feet to breathe. The rest of the year, they are tucked up in socks and stuffed into shoes, so give them some freedom this summer! Shopping for the right sandals means considering several different factors. Sandals are not born equally, and something that is suitable for the beach or pool may not necessarily be suitable for the office or a full day on your feet. If you intend to wear them as a daily shoe, you will need to ensure that they offer support either in the form of a solid instep or good strapping. Sliders or flip flops, on the other hand, are inexpensive and easy to throw on for more casual wear.