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Must-Have Summer 2021 Items

Must-Have Summer 2021 Items

Must-Have Summer 2021 Items

Last summer may have been a total fashion letdown with nowhere to wear the season's must-haves due to the epidemic that was sweeping the nation, but we will surely get the chance to show off our summer fashion sense this year. Designers certainly think so, and they have put together some wonderful style ideas to make us shine brighter than the sun in the summer of 2021.

Bright and Bold

Colors have gone bright and bold this summer. It is as if the designers want us to shake off the fog that has engulfed us for the last year or so and embrace the great outdoors. This summer, fashion is screaming "get me noticed", and that is reflected in the bold colors and patterns of this season’s must-haves. Pink is huge right now, and the brighter the better. Other colors that are in demand are yellow, orange, and bright green. Patterns are also bold and bright, with rainbow designs and tie-dye making a huge comeback for the summer season.


Metallics are looking good this summer, and what better way is there to reflect the sun and let people know you are around? Silver and gold are huge for SS2021, and these are great colors that can be dressed up even more depending on the occasion. Most colors go with metallics, so don’t be afraid to be bold and stand out from the crowd.


Vintage has made a huge comeback for this season. 1990s retro is particularly popular, so maybe we will all be back to wearing lime green and acid orange by the end of the season. Dust off your Spice Girls CD and go back to the '90s this season.

The '70s style is also making a return to the fashion world, with the hippie look back with a vengeance. This combines cool, loose summer clothes with great colors and patterns and a style that makes you want to take a road trip in a camper van.

Matching Two-Piece Outfits

Two-piece outfits are in demand for SS2021. Pants are wider, and these offset this season’s halter-neck crop tops well. Go for vertical stripes if you want to look slimmer, but make sure they are matching.

Big Sleeves

Another top fashion for SS2021 are big, voluminous sleeves. These tops provide just the right style, whether you are going back to the office or still working from home. They are smart enough for a face-to-face meeting with your boss or a Zoom call with your colleagues, and they won’t look out of place in the bar after work, either.


Geometric Bikini Set

Two-piece swimwear, such as this Geometric Bikini Set, is the way to go for SS2021. To get the best possible tan, make sure that your bikini bottoms are small so that more skin is exposed to sunlight - but don't forget the sunscreen! Bikini tops have gone halter-neck, which is great if you have a larger bust as it emphasizes while making sure that everything stays in place. Polka dots look fantastic this season, with black polka dots on a red base being especially popular.

Gym wear

Gym wear is back in style this year, probably because we didn’t get much chance to go to the gym last year. This is great news if you have a few extra pounds to lose after indulging too much during lockdown. Now you can look stylish both in and out of the gym with leggings, such as these Pink Yoga Leggings, going heavy on the lycra and providing some fantastic gym style for working out either inside or outside.

Pink Yoga Leggings

Statement Jewelry

The bigger, the better when it comes to jewelry. Stand out with large signet rings and long earrings, like these Chic Rectangle Drop Earrings, and necklaces that will finish off your big, bold fashion statement wonderfully well. Gold and silver are still in style, but funky, fun jewelry has gone brighter. Hot pink is the most popular color of the moment.

Chic Rectangle Drop Earrings

Tote Bags

Bags did not really see the light of day last year as nobody left the house, but this year, they are making up for it. Tote bags are a fashion must-have this season, which is great if you have a lot of things to carry or like to go out prepared for any eventuality. Sling everything you need in a tote bag and off you go!

Fashion is back with a passion this season after being somewhat sluggish last year. Make sure you update your wardrobe because there will hopefully be plenty of places to go in SS2021!