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Spring-Summer 2021 Fashion Color Guide

Spring-Summer 2021 Fashion Color Guide

Spring-Summer 2021 Fashion Color Guide

Spring is finally here, and summer will soon be upon us. That means now is the perfect time to start digging through your wardrobe and planning your ideal spring and summer outfits. There’s plenty of color to be found in this year’s warmer seasons, as demonstrated by the palettes on display in New York Fashion Week this February. Here is the ultimate guide to fashion colors this season.

The Bright Beauty that Is Yellow

Yellow can be a highly intimidating color in fashion. It is bold, bright and eye-catching to the extent that it could become a little too scary for some people to include in their wardrobe. Nevertheless, yellow is all the rage in the most stylish color schemes of the Spring-Summer fashions, so now is a great time to embrace your bright nature and give yellow a try.

Illuminating yellow - the brightest kind of yellow you can imagine - and marigold - a warm and breezy mixture of orange, gold and yellow- are the go-to yellow shades that are hottest at the moment, with both making a stunning appearance in the pieces on show at New York Fashion Week. If you’re feeling a little nervous about incorporating this sunny color, start off small by slowly weaving it into your usual attire. A splash of it here and there could ease you into it more gently. You could also start out by using some yellow accessories - such as jewelry or handbags - to get used to the color.

Another great way is to use yellow for clothing sets that you only wear for particular occasions, such as a beach-themed outfit or exercise gear. A great example of this would be the Yoshilady Yellow Yoga Leggings or the Yoshilady Yellow Padded Sports Bra. Perfect for yoga or any other kind of exercise (or even just lounging at home!), these yellow pieces are a great way to make the move into using yellow in your wardrobe on a more regular basis.

Yoshilady Yellow Yoga Leggings

Pink is the New Black

Much like yellow, pink is a color that can be a little daunting if you are used to incorporating more neutral palettes. Another bright and attention-grabbing color, pink is a must-have in any wardrobe this spring and summer to bring the feel of the warmer seasons to life in your outfits and accessories.

The pink tones that were highlighted during New York Fashion Week were burnt coral and raspberry sorbet, two very different shades that both evoke the tantalizing and appealing nature of all things pink. Burnt Coral is a more toned-down pink shade with tones of salmon to evoke a calming yet still eye-catching color. This makes it perfect for someone who is trying out pink for the first time and wants a neutral way to include it in their wardrobe. Raspberry Sorbet is an extravagant and vibrant pink shade that is great for experienced pink veterans and newbies alike if you’re willing to take the plunge this Spring-Summer season.

Yoga Leggings

Again, workout gear is an excellent way to test out the color without committing to it with a fully-fledged outfit. Yoshilady has the same Yoga Leggings and Padded Sports Bra combo we mentioned before in yellow in a pretty pink color as well.

Padded Sports Bra

Green: More Than Just for Christmas and St Patrick's Day

Green has always been a color synonymous with the Irish St Patrick's Day holiday, in addition to partnering with red to celebrate Christmas. However, two shades of the ever-versatile green were showcased at New York Fashion week, proving that the color is more than just for use during the holidays. A soothing Green Ash and a refreshing Mint were the greens that were on display as part of New York Fashion Week's 2021 Fashion Color Palette, and for good reason. There’s something that is both very springlike - thanks to that fresh color that matches the newly blooming flowers - and summery about a nice shade of green, whether it’s on a summer dress, a springtime scarf or a swimsuit. Because of this appropriate match to the spring-summer seasons, it is easy for this color to fit into your wardrobe.

The Verdict

These are just a few of the colors that are considered the most popular in 2021’s Spring-Summer seasons in fashion, and they can all be easily introduced into your personal wardrobe with a little bit of creativity and a hint of boldness!