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The 10 Biggest TikTok Accounts You Must Follow

The 10 Biggest TikTok Accounts You Must Follow

The 10 Biggest TikTok Accounts You Must Follow

With everything that happened in the last year and many of us going out less than before, we’ve not had many excuses to seek new clothes and fashion tips. The pressure of the pandemic took its toll on our health as well as on our fashion. If you’re ready to start making an effort again, take some inspiration from some of our favorite TikTok accounts you must follow.

TikTok is often associated with viral dance videos and clever beauty hacks. In fact, there is a vast amount of content on the platform sharing fashion tips and inspiration. Between them, they cover what to buy new this season and how to update some existing pieces in your wardrobe.

1. Nava Rose - @the.navarose

Her 4-million-plus followers are treated to her take on contemporary streetwear. She takes her inspiration from emojis, so you’ll see one or two on her feed. Harry Potter is another nod to contemporary popular culture.

2. Janice Glimmer - @janiceglimmer

We love Janice for her outfits inspired by some of her favorite Netflix shows, like Bridgerton, and even Disney princesses. She sometimes chooses the music industry and artists like Queen and the Beatles for inspiration. And look out for Janice’s mom in some of her videos, who’s always happy to be involved. This is one account to follow for quirky twists on iconic classics.

3. Zahraa Berro - @zahraa_hberro

Zahraa is worth looking up if you’ve ever wondered how to style your hijab. She also really embraces motherhood and shares that with her followers on TikTok.

4. Keri Fay @kerifay

Keri’s urban style is very much influenced by her home city, New York. She regularly posts content of herself and her Outfit of the Day. She has an incredible shoe collection that suits us down to the ground. Check out our gorgeous summer sandals, such as these Coral Rafa Around the Edges Sandal Heels, and see if there is a pair that might see you emulating Keri. Anyone who appears to love shoes as much as we do is good with us. Part of the appeal of Keri’s account is that she produces videos that are both informative and educational.

Coral Rafa Around the Edges Sandal Heels

5. Ms Kristine - @trendycurvy

We love Ms Kristine’s philosophy that all women should embrace themselves and see their bodies as beautiful. Ms Kristine supports colorful, playful pieces that are picked to accentuate her body shape and make the most of her features.

6. Brittany Xavier - @brittany.xavier

One of our favorite accounts for just pure fun, Brittany includes members of her own family. Her teenage daughter is a very capable sidekick, and we find their mother and daughter "matchy matchy" outfits particularly inspiring.

7. Taylor Hage - @tayhage

We love Taylor’s sophistication, and that’s why we follow her. Think beautiful fabrics and designs, like this gorgeous Yellow Sleeveless V-Neck Long Maxi Dress. The best part is that you can replicate many of them from clothes you already have. Taylor also loves to take inspiration from cult TV shows like Friends.

Yellow Sleeveless V-Neck Long Maxi Dress

8. Christine Le - @christineleeee

One thing we know about Christine is that looking good online is about much more than just how much time you took at lunchtime. She’ll guide you through the practical side of making sure your shots look right; that might be your hair or makeup, or also how to pose for shots and where to hold the camera.

9. Denise Mercedes - @denisemercedes

Denise is a big advocate of not restricting yourself when it comes to picking an outfit you want to wear. She is the founder of #stylenotsize, which we love! The concept is simple: use two girls with very different body shapes to showcase the same outfit and show the difference.

10. Black Queen_509 - blackqueen/0509

Black Queen is all about the transformation and breathing new life into pieces from her closet. That might be cutting leggings to make a new top or creating a purse. Depending on your situation, you might want to remind any children in your home that only adults use the scissors.

Repurposing Clothes

A lot of these accounts are all about showcasing fun and not taking yourself too seriously. Each is creating great content that adds value to the target audience and gives them useful tips. They are all popular in the U.S. and often much further afield, too.

COVID-19 restrictions are continuing to be relaxed, so if you are tempted to go abroad this summer, take a look at some of our favorite TikToks for inspiration and try something you wouldn't normally wear.