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The Ultimate Guide To Sorting Out Your Summer Clothes

The Ultimate Guide To Sorting Out Your Summer Clothes

The Ultimate Guide To Sorting Out Your Summer Clothes

As the sun makes a welcome appearance, our thoughts turn to sorting out our wardrobes and what we have to wear as more of those sunny days come around. Going through our summer clothes is one of those jobs that we tend to want to put off, but once you get started, you may find it is easier than you think. To help you sort out your wardrobe, we have put together our ultimate guide to organizing your summer clothes.

Wardrobe Clear-Out

Wardrobe Clear Out

To do this task effectively, you need to have a few hours to spare. It might look like a big job, but it will go quicker than you think. The first step is to find all those summer clothes that are sitting around in drawers or hanging in the closet and place all of them on your bed. The bed is ideal because it is a fairly large space and at the right height to minimize bending over. Make sure you get out everything; don't forget to include shoes, bags and jackets in this summer clothes audit.

Do You Love It?

One world-famous home organizer explains that if it doesn’t make you feel joyful, you should give it a new home. Apply this little bit of good advice to your summer clothes and you will be reducing that pile in no time. Make two piles: one to discard and one to donate to charity.

Wardrobe Clear Out

Start with blouses, tops and T-shirts. Do they look a bit faded? Did they shrink in that hot wash, or do they have some tears or missing buttons? If you don’t have the time to repair them, place them in the discard pile. If they are still in good shape but no longer give you that happy feeling, donate them to your local charity shop, where they can contribute to a good cause (which will make you feel a little bit better about letting your stuff go). Apply this to the rest of your summer clothes.

Who You Are Now

Let’s face it: We have all bought clothes that we thought were our style, only to get them home and find they don’t suit us. Many of us also have clothes that were very fashionable last year but would look very dated this year. Maybe you have hung on to your college clothes and sweatshirts for too long. You can keep one or two college shirts for those reunion events you may attend with some of your friends, but when it comes to the rest of your summer clothes from college, they can probably go as you are now giving yourself a whole new summer image. If there's anything in your closet that you haven't worn in the last 2 years, it's time to find it a new home.

Organize Your Wardrobe

By now, you should be left with some summer clothes, albeit not nearly as many as before. Hopefully these are clothes that make you feel happy, still have lots of life in them, and suit your new image. The next task is to put them through the washing machine for a quick freshening up after being stored away. Then, you will need to assess what essential items you are missing. Maybe you need to buy new leggings, a few plain T-shirts, or a skirt in this season’s latest color? Sometimes all you need to do is invest in a new item to add to your summer outfits that will keep your whole wardrobe looking up-to-date. If you're on a tight budget, a few fun summer accessories can go a long way toward infusing some new life into your wardrobe.

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Why not also take this time to give your closet a spring cleaning? That way, you can put your clothes away in a clean closet. Organize what you will be wearing by color or clothing type, hanging clothes in color order and then by type of garment. This will make it really easy to get up and get dressed in your new summer outfit in the morning.

Sorting out your summer clothes does not have to be difficult if you follow our ultimate guide. You never know - you might just rediscover something that you loved to wear but had forgotten about or realize that you really do need to buy a new shirt for the summer holidays. We hope our ultimate guide to sorting out your summer clothes has given you some summer inspiration for those sunny days ahead.