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Top 10 Summer Party Dresses

Top 10 Summer Party Dresses

Top 10 Summer Party Dresses

With summer soon upon us, now is the time to start dusting off your summer attire to make sure that you beat the heat while still looking stylish. One of the best ways to combine fashion with practicality in the summertime is a dress - a summer party dress, to be specific.

A summer party dress is the ultimate way to make a fashion statement and keep cool when the heat kicks in, so let’s take a look at the top ten summer party dresses to make you stand out from the crowd!

The Maxi Dress

A well-chosen maxi dress is perfect for a summer party as it has the ability to be both a casual dress and a more formal one, depending on your chosen color, pattern and style. The maxi dress is versatile but is also a fabulous way to maintain some comfort thanks to the loose fitting nature and stop the heat from becoming overwhelming on warmer days. Opt for a floral patterned maxi or a brightly colored one to emphasize the summer vibes.

The Midi Dress

The Wrap Dress

Similar to the maxi dress but shorter in length - usually with a hemline falling somewhere in between the mini and the maxi dress hems - the midi is another great choice for a summer party this season. Midis are arguably even more versatile than the maxi, with a huge range of summer-themed designs, patterns, sleeve lengths and colors available. It is easy to find a midi to suit your personal tastes thanks to this adaptability. Whether it’s a bright colored midi with puff sleeves or a tiered flower print midi, you are never short of options with this choice of summer party dress.

The T-Shirt Dress

If you’re looking for comfort, the t-shirt dress is an amazing choice that is also incredibly versatile. Despite what the name might suggest, the t-shirt dress can come in numerous lengths. If you’re out and about during a cool summer night, you can keep warm with a longer t-shirt dress; if you’re at the beach on a scorching day, you can opt for a shorter one. This one is a great choice to keep it cool and casual this summer.

The Cami Dress

A popular option for both casual and formal parties, the cami dress is a well-known summer fashion choice that is sure to find a place in any wardrobe. The soft, strappy nature is an appealing style that can incorporate all sorts of hem lengths. Pair it with some heels for a formal affair, some sandals for a beach party or even a pair of Converses for a casual day out.

The Shift Dress

If you’re not feeling brave enough for a cami or a t-shirt dress, the shift dress is also a great option for a summer party. This short dress has a hem that hangs gracefully down from the shoulder, so it is perfect for comfort but is also able to be paired with various accessories to create a party piece.

The Wrap Dress

The Wrap Dress

Always an elegant choice, the wrap dress is a great way to highlight your neckline and is available in all sorts of summery styles, such as colorful floral patterns or bright polka dots. Wrap dresses are known for their sleek, short sleeves, but they can also come with long sleeves or in a sleeveless style for various weather emergencies during a party.

The Fit and Flare Dress

If you’re looking for a vintage look this summer, the fit and flare dress is a fantastic choice. A flared hem line is a fabulous way to bring the summer vibe to the party scene while keeping you super comfortable and fashionable. Floral fit and flares brilliantly combine vintage with summer style.

The Cold Shoulder Dress

Absolutely perfect to beat the summer heat, a cold shoulder dress is a brilliant choice for any kind of party. Pair it with heels for formality or sandals for a casual look.

The Bodycon Dress

Show off your curves with this perfectly form-fitting choice. Whether it’s vibrant colors or gorgeous patterns, there is always an occasion for an eye-catching bodycon dress.

The Skater Dress

The Skater Dress

Last but not least, a skater dress is a great way to flaunt your style. The skater dress is highly versatile, with so many different cuts, hemlines and styles available. Pair a floral skater dress with sandals and you have the perfect summer look.